The Program

The Lee County Library System (LCLS) encourages professional development and personal growth. The Play to Learn initiative is our revised version of the Public Library of Charlotte and Mecklenburg County's (PLCMC) Learning 2.0 program. By engaging in this program, you allow yourself the opportunity for personal enrichment and for gaining the knowledge needed to better assist our customers.

We welcome all participants to learn, explore and play. This program is a new approach to learning, designed to create an enjoyable experience. We are encouraging staff to experiment with the new and emerging technologies that are reshaping the context of information on the internet today. In fact, this blog was created just for the Play to Learn program.

The objectives of this program are:

* encourage exploration of Web 2.0 and new technologies

* provide staff with new tools (that are freely available on the internet)

* support LCLS' initiative for professional development and staff growth

* promote collaboration among branch staff to enhance learning

* foster an environment to allow staff to complete 32 self-discovery exercises

Enhancing Your Play Time

Before you begin and throughout your journey, follow these helpful suggestions.

1. Headphones
to use during podcasts, video posts and narrations. To make listening easier and to eliminate workroom distractions for colleagues, headphones are recommended.

2. Document all usernames and passwords
while navigating through the weeks. It's a good idea to record and save this type of information so you don't forget.

3. Access to a digital picture by Week 5
to enhance your image generating and it will give you the option to add an image to your blog.
FYI - each branch has a digital camera

4. Access to your library card number by Week 10
because you will be downloading from our collection.

5. Utilize the Back button
while you are in the LCLS blog. Refrain from using the X in the upper right hand corner. It will exit you from the program. Use the Back button instead to expedite your page navigation.

6. Create a free email account
since some of you may wish to continue using the blog you will create in this program. A free email account or an existing personal email account is the best way to go.

Branch Team List

  • AD - Tim Bishop (FM)
  • BN - Linda Houston
  • CC - Art Beaudrie
  • CV - Ann Bradley
  • DB - Amy Hilliard
  • EC - Julie Bill
  • FM - Tim Bishop
  • LK - Terri Bradley
  • LP - Celeste Snyder
  • NF - Matthew Jaworski
  • PI - Linda Dunn
  • RL - Edie Wolfley
  • SC - Tina Preston
  • TB - Matthew Jaworski (NF)

Thank you!

Special thanks to the following people for their contribution in making this program a reality.

Adecia Adams
Tim Bishop
Terri Bradley
Jasmine Bryson
Sheldon Kaye
Heather O'Connell
Tina Preston
Mindi Simon
Catherine Vaughn

Monday, September 10, 2007


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